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Wheels and Tires

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Trying to put new wheels and tires on my 2023 Tundra SR5. Wondering how big I can go. I’ve got 265/60/20 on truck now. I don’t have lift kit. I don’t want to make any modifications. I will be putting a leveling kit on when I do new wheels and tires. Not sure about wheels and what offset means.
Any advice would be appreciated
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18x9 +18 is most common for this truck, but the 0 offset will stick further out if that’s your style.

The 8.5” wide wheel with a zero offset has approximately a 4.75” backspace. A 9” wide wheel with a +20 offset has approximately a 5.75” backspacing. So the 8.5” will sit about an inch further out when comparing these two wheel specifications.


are all common sizes and no rubbing with the leveling kit. if anything, you might have to trim the fender liner felt but no body work needed.
Hey @GoneFishin! I've seen people go as big as 295/70 r18s wheels on their Tundras with a 2 inch level kit and they say they don't have any rubbing issues. Which levelling kit are you thinking of using?
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