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I have a SR5 crew max with 6’6” bed and I’ve reached 19-20mpg driving mountain roads at relatively consistent 50-60mph in “Eco” mode and driving conservatively. Daily driving to work on country back roads I get between 17.5-18.5mpg and towing my 20’ aluminum boat I drop down to 16-16.5mpg on the highway. I traded in my 2020 Tacoma which got about the same mileage but the biggest improvement is towing mpg. Towing the same boat with my Tacoma I would see 11.5-12.5mpg driving the same stretches. I figure the estimated mpg Is about 3-4mpg’s off since no one has the perfect situation to get those numbers that are advertised. As long as I get as good or better mileage than my Tacoma I’ll be happy. If I wanted something great on gas mileage I would have got a Prius or Camry hybrid.

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