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Wait whut... rear seats don't fold flat???

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I've just agreed to buy a 2022 Tundra TRD OR crewmax...is it true the rear seats don't fold flat to hold cargo?? How could Toyota have overlooked this? I think all of my Tacomas do, at least my third-gen for sure... sounds trite, but in my line of work this feature is a must.
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Hey @photowil welcome to the forum! On the TRD double cab the seats can fold down (2:35 mark). Hopefully these videos help.

Which Tundra model is your ideal spec?

Same with the crewmax (18:35 mark).

Thank you for the video. Very interesting
I'm pretty sure the space is reserved for holding the battery on the hybrid versions. So no fold flat. But it does tilt / fold up and away.
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