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Traded up?

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Traded my 2021 2x4 SR5 in last week for the new 2022 4x4 SR5 in army green. About to have the first 100 miles on it. Still curious everyone’s thoughts on this new truck. Drives nice but was sad to see some appealing features disappear on this new model, such as power seats, rear view mirror garage door opener, less usb ports . Really upset there are not tow hooks for recovery! Is Toyota going to make this available eventually? Some of the plastic seems cheap as well but I’m trying to remain optimistic about my trade
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Did you get the premium audio package? I've been eyeing at it cuz that way you get the big screen (14-in) but that would be another ~$1,145 so I don't know if it's worth it :unsure:. Btw, I'm told they improved the heck out of the eco-mode so when it's turned on you significantly get better milage, have you tested it?
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