We have the first look at the new Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro testing. The prototype shows off a bunch of off-road oriented features that haven't been on other test trucks. Toyota has teased a Tacoma TRD Pro tailgate, but these photos go far beyond the teasers, and provide some real insight into the makeup of a significantly off-road-ready prototype now in the works at Toyota’s R&D centers.

We see a more aggressively outfitted Tacoma, with a more high-clearance front bumper design and a prominent front skid plate protecting its chin. A chunky front-fascia can be discerned beneath the camo. The Tacoma’s tire size can’t be read, but this prototype is wearing Goodyear Wrangler Territory MTs—the same tires applied to the Chevy Colorado ZR2/GMC Canyon AT4X twins, along with the more off-road-ready examples of the Ford Bronco.

We also see evidence of rocker protection tubes running along the sills, and a roof rack system that became exposed when the prototype’s roof camo came loose and flew off into the weeds at highway speeds.

Wearing a Snorkel?
It looks like this Tacoma TRD Pro might be equipped with a snorkel exhaust system, for ultimate water-fording abilities. The camo on the prototype’s passenger-side A-pillar is heavier than the driver’s-side. A look from the rear-3/4 view suggests that a snorkel may be running tightly along the a-pillar, showing signs of venting near the headliner. Follow the possible snorkel down to the passenger-side front fender, and it looks like the camo bulges out where the exhaust is mounted onto the bodywork as it feeds into the engine bay. The treatment here looks like it may be similar to the snorkel system fitted to the Ford Bronco Everglades. It’s also noteworthy that there is no visible exhaust poking through the rear camo, which has appeared as with a driver’s-side exit on all prior prototypes. It looks like the exhaust has been completely rerouted for a snorkel system on this prototype.

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