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Earlier this week I was at a slow crawl (~3mph) getting ready to park in my driveway, and I had a power steering failure (~1,800 miles since delivery in mid-Jan). Warning message on the info screen, flashing power steering light, and the car shut off. I was able to restart without issues and park.

Brought it to the dealership and they were in contact with Toyota. They said it was a "known" issue, but also were asking enough questions (speed, how long I was driving it before, etc.) that it seems like they don't really know what's happening, let alone have a fix. They told me it isn't an issue I should see repeat (i.e. not a component failure), but they don't really know what caused it or how to fix it yet, with no real details on when I should expect it to be fixed. I drove it home that night and it has been functioning normally since. A couple questions for everyone:
  1. Has anyone else seen this issue? And if so, were you able to get any more info about what is going on?
  2. I know that it is electric power steering now, but I've run across conflicting info if it is a hybrid (Electric assist + Hydraulic) or just electric. Does anyone know more details about the changes to the power steering system?
I had this alert pop up today while sitting at a stop sign. I had to put the vehicle in park and then restarted and the problem seemed to have corrected. It has not happened since. To me it appears to be a software issue.
I did call my dealer and they were unaware of any known issues and basically told me to continue to drive it and there shouldn’t be any worry about the power steering going out (I sincerely hope this is correct). I am close to my 5,000 mile service so the dealer explained they can hook it up and research the error code then if it doesn’t happen again.
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