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Earlier this week I was at a slow crawl (~3mph) getting ready to park in my driveway, and I had a power steering failure (~1,800 miles since delivery in mid-Jan). Warning message on the info screen, flashing power steering light, and the car shut off. I was able to restart without issues and park.

Brought it to the dealership and they were in contact with Toyota. They said it was a "known" issue, but also were asking enough questions (speed, how long I was driving it before, etc.) that it seems like they don't really know what's happening, let alone have a fix. They told me it isn't an issue I should see repeat (i.e. not a component failure), but they don't really know what caused it or how to fix it yet, with no real details on when I should expect it to be fixed. I drove it home that night and it has been functioning normally since. A couple questions for everyone:
  1. Has anyone else seen this issue? And if so, were you able to get any more info about what is going on?
  2. I know that it is electric power steering now, but I've run across conflicting info if it is a hybrid (Electric assist + Hydraulic) or just electric. Does anyone know more details about the changes to the power steering system?
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