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Platinum vs Limited TRD Off Road

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Hello Everyone,

New to the forum and not yet a tundra owner. Currently driving a 2019 F150 Lariat Sport Special Edition and the wife has a 2022 Rav 4 XLE premium. We are looking to upgrade to a tundra in the new future. I wanted to ask everyone a couple of questions on which truck would work best for me.

I would love to have the TRD pro but have ruled it out as the longer bed fits my needs much more then the shorter. I currently have the 5.5 foot bed and have cursed on it more times then I can count.

I love the look of the platinum, being a Canadian customer it is the only model that comes with tow mirrors. I prefer the tow mirrors with the longer box. Being Canadian also means there is no TRD package for the 1794 that I am aware of.

The dilemma I have is, I love the look of the platinum with the chrome-less look and all of its interior features but am not a fan that there is no E-Locking diff. The only time I can see myself really using the locking diff is on snow covered back roads pulling a snowmobile trailer. I was wondering if the diff on the platinum would be sufficient for this or would the trd off road be the better option?

My truck has leather and the wife’s Rav 4 has softex seats, which feel very much like leather. From anyones experience are there any draw backs to the softex over leather and how do they hold up with drink spills and absorbing the liquid?

Thank you everyone for your help and I look forward to being a tundra owner soon.
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Hey @Newfie_Bullet welcome to the forum! What kind of issues have you had with your F-150's bed? From my experience Softtex seats are just as durable and easy to clean up like leather. If anything I prefer them because they provide a bit more grip than leather.

As for the packages this hill climb comparison with the Tundra Platinum and TRD might help you.

Thanks for the welcome and the info, TundraTime.

With the 5.5 foot box and a tonneau cover I find it is hard to get some things to fit in the box under the tonneau cover with the tailgate up. The extra length would also be nicer for loading atvs and snowmobiles in the back. Wish there was an option to get a platinum with the TRD package.

From the video you shared, it looks like the platinum can still get the job done, would have likely had better results if it had better tires and not sure if the locker was engaged on the TRD. The next truck I'll likely upgrade to some better tires and possibly a small lift/level kit.
I am a TRD Limited owner and the TRD package does come on the 1792 if that is what you are looking for more luxury. I wanted the similar features of the TRD without the rest of the pro stuff. I like it and think it is worth it but for 4-5k more you could get the PRO but it doesn't come with the bigger bed. Good luck with your decision.
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