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ordered a TRD PRO in October 2021, still no word.

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just curious as to who else is in the same situation.
I put a deposit down on a Lunar Rock w/black interior Crewmax in October 2021. Ive been in communication with the salesman and dealer just about monthly since then. I was offered a few other 2022 Tundras, even a sequoia.
Received a call a week ago about an orange trd pro they had for me. I was not about to go for the orange but, wanted to check out the red interior in person. After a lot of back an forth and them realizing I didn't want a orange truck they told me the lunar rock was no longer an option and changed the order to a 2023 magnetic gray with black interior.
I still have yet to receive any documents or a vin for the truck I put a deposit down on almost a year and a half ago.
is there anything I can do to expedite the process or guarantee I will have a truck in the somewhat near future?
this will be the first NEW vehicle I have ever purchased but, everyone Ive spoken with says it seems ridiculous that they cant give me more info on the truck.
well just hoping I can get some insight from you guys and maybe get an idea of what you had to go through to get an allocation of your own.
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The manufacturer will send you a sales contract to sign once you agree on a price. You can sign it online using Discussion or by FedEx sending a paper contract. The vehicle will then be picked up by the manufacturer within ten days, possibly as early as the following day. The vehicle identification number is extremely valuable. If you want to buy a car as well, you absolutely need to check the vehicle identification number (VIN) by using an authentic VIN decoder. Any differences found when examining the vehicle identification number (VIN) point to a suspicious feature. You ought to walk away from the deal in that circumstance.
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