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New to Tundra!

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I tow a 10K lb. camper and have been stuck with HD trucks for the past few years. Currently driving a 01 F250 diesel. When I started looking for a new truck I was happy to see that the Tundra had improved it's tow capacity beyond what I needed. I thought about waiting for the hybrid but since the fuel economy ratings were released I'm glad I didn't. I ordered a 1794 Army Green with the Advanced Package. Looking forward to having the air suspension for towing long distances. I'll post pictures and updates when it comes in.
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I haven't been given a date yet. I'm bugging the crap out of the salesman though... I considered the hydrid F150 but decided on the Tundra due to the lifetime warranty offered by my dealer. Not all dealers offer that warranty. I plan to keep the truck for a long time so the warranty was the deciding factor.
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