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Hello everyone. I hope I am doing this correctly! I'm new to Tundra's and Forums.
I just took delivery of my new 2023 SR5 Crewmax 4x4 with the TRD Sport Package and I have a time sensitive question I hope some of you can help me out with.
The truck is super white and of course came with the TRD Sport decals and the black wheels.
I have an opportunity to purchase a set of 2023 Capstone 22" wheels and tires at an unbelievable price.
I'm wondering if the classy look of the Capstone wheels would look out of place on a truck that is more off road looking with the labels and the stance of the vehicle with the lowered sport suspension.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum @mszumows and congratulations on getting your new Tundra! I don't think the capstone wheels would look out of place on your truck. But, if you can I'd say check them out in person and gauge them next to your truck if you're able to.

If not, you could always resell the wheels if you're not satisfied and keep the old ones.
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