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My name is Caleb and I am with Panda Motorworks! We are an online retailer who also has a full performance shop. We are looking to start supporting the 22+ Tundra! To do so, we are looking for a local who wouldn't mind us borrowing it for a short period of time before the Tundra we have access to is delivered. First on our list is a tuning device. We developed the Panda Power Module for the Broncos, and now would like to carry that over to the Tundra platform. Then, more offroad stuff such as lift kits, lighting, side steps, ect.

Here is what we are looking for NO EXCEPTIONS
-Must be local to St. Louis, MO
-Willing to let us borrow it for short periods of time (up to 1 week)
-must be willing to modify your Tundra
-You get to keep all mods we do
If you would like more information, feel free to message me

PFA Our Bronco Panda Power Module
Material property Font Rectangle Electric blue Flash memory
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