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Is an Extended Warranty Worth it?

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Toyotas are usually bulletproof but with the issues we've seen with the new Tundra, do you think getting an extended warranty is worth it? If you did get it or inquired at your dealer, how long and how much was the term? Is anyone here thinking to add extended warranty to their Tundra that doesn't already have it?
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I'm debating this same thing, in addition to purchasing the maintenance plan. Seems like a nice piece of mind, but I doubt it covers the costs.
We'll have our TRD Pro within the next week or so and we're not planning to move on from it for a while, if ever! I'm sooooo damn excited for this truck.
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I have an '03 Tacoma that was my pops, a '62 Lincoln continental (selling soon), and a '21 Wrangler. Wifey has been wanting a full size truck for a while now. We saw a solar octane tundra in Tahoe this xmas and that was it for her.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts