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Help me fix/replace the Infotainment system in my 3rd Generation 2022 Tundra!

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I own a 2022 Toyota Tundra SR5 with 8-in Audio Multimedia, with wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto capability.

The nav/multimedia unit is terrible. I had a 2018 Tacoma, and four years later, I found that the infotainment system had taken several steps backward.
  • Voice commands always say, “I don’t understand your request.”
  • Playing music via the in-dash USB port is terribly complicated and limited
  • There is no home screen where I can choose the info displayed.

I am looking for an aftermarket replacement that supports all the OEM capabilities, like cameras, backup lines, system config, etc., while providing a richer user interface and better features, like
  • An actual home screen where I can choose the display from multiple sources of info, like weather, time, nav, audio, etc.
  • Voice commands that actually work
  • To access music sources other than XM radio, like the in-dash data USB port, by voice command.
  • Use Google Maps or Waze without Android Auto
  • And so on
It’s been a while; somebody must’ve found something by now.

If not, how do I use the existing system in a way that doesn’t suck??
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I couldn’t agree more with the infotainment setup. I have this big screen but limited to what I can choose from. My last tundra had a much smaller but much better Home Screen where I could see maps, contacts and music. Surely we have this option on this huge screen other than the apple car play.
Welcome to the forum @Tberry05! It is annoying that infotainment screens pretty much have taken a back seat behind apple carplay and android auto.

Overall though, how do you like your Tundra?
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