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First Tundra, long time Toyota fam

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Well after putting deposits on both the Cyber truck and the F150 lightning the new tundra was unveiled and I knew what my path forward would be. I mulled it over some more, watched every video I could find on the new Tundra, and watched Tesla keep pushing back production on the CT. I cancelled my reservations and called Toyota at the time I wasn't sure what trim and or body config I wanted and I could tell that the dealer knew it too. I never heard back from them. A few months goes by and I am ready to pull the trigger so I called them again confirmed no markup and was specific about the "must haves". A little over a week later and I have my Tundra on order. :)

My current truck is a 1977 Toyota pickup that needs to be restored. My previous pickup was an '06 Tacoma Xrunner in Speedway Blue that I got with 20k miles and finally sold 9 years later with a little over 150k miles to get my wife a brand new Sienna XLE Premium AWD with all the bells and whistles while I drove our 08 camry until I sold it last year to make my classic 86 firebird my daily. Since the van is paid off its time to get me a good truck for camping and hauling with and I am beyond thrilled to be getting a new Tundra! I would have preferred the Blueprint but Lunar Rock is a good backup color that allows me to get the truck this first half of the year. :)
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Dude, Lunar Rock is the way to go! We have a 2019 Rav4 in Lunar Rock. IM picking up my Lunar Rock Tundra on Monday. Paired with some Bronze rims (eventually) its a solid combo.
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WOOT WOOT!! My truck is at the dealer getting its dealer accessories installed. Should be able to pick up tomorrow or Saturday. So for those counting, I got on the list with the dealer April 18th, allotted a build on the 25th, and it came in yesterday. So 4.5 weeks from the start of the process to now. I count myself VERY lucky since I have been seeing so many people that have been on their dealer waiting lists for months. And without a dealer markup I am just thrilled!!
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