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Anyone else have wireless phone charger malfunction?

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Got a 2022 Limited in January. From day one I've had issues with the Qi wireless charger below the dash. It will confirm charging on the info screen and green LED next to the phone, then stop charging and flash yellow/error after only a few seconds to a few minutes. Since then I've been experimenting.
  • Not correctly spaced/aligned? It's a small phone, iPhone 13 mini. No benefit with shifting left/right or propping higher on the charger panel.
  • Case blocking signal? It's an Otterbox Aneu specifically designed for wireless charging and works with an Apple MagSafe.
  • Using Waze (power-intensive navigation app) confusing the charger as it drains nearly as fast as it charges? No benefit with the app off.
Hoping it's not a defect needing dealer attention. Anyone else had issues? Found a solution?
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