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I guess an embargo lifted because the Tundra reviews have started popping up everywhere. Here are the ones I've seen so far, if there's any ones I've missed add them below.


Looked through that lens, the Capstone is sure to be a winner for Toyota. It’s no secret that the pickup truck market has moved upmarket and that these luxury trucks and the prices they command bring larger profits to automakers than pretty much any other segment they compete in. Even if the Capstone only incrementally moves the needle on sales, which seems like the most likely scenario, it ought to be enough to keep loyal Tundra buyers with deep pockets from wandering elsewhere. If the overall package sways a few buyers from other brands, that’s icing on the cake. Best of all, there's enough new content in the overall package, particularly inside, that we think buyers looking for the fanciest Tundra money can buy will be happy to pay a few extra thousand dollars over the Platinum and 1794 to bring home a Capstone.


Toyota very clearly wants the talk around the I-Force Max to be about performance and not efficiency, and on the road, that priority comes through. The truck stays in EV mode for very small spurts of time, and when the engine fires up, there’s a surprisingly fun snarl as it builds revs.

This transition from gas to electric is notably less subtle than with the F-150’s PowerBoost – something that Toyota engineers did on purpose. Power is downright abundant and it’s easy to get the Tundra moving, either from a dead stop or passing on the highway. The 10-speed automatic works seamlessly in the background, changing gears quickly and without interrupting the flow of torque.


The 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone pushes the truck into a part of the segment that didn’t really exist when the last Tundra debuted. Trucks as luxury limos is a real thing now.

The result is a mixed bag. We like how the Capstone interior looks, but that much white leather makes using it for truck things difficult. And at $75,000, we find it lacking truly unique features, like Ford’s on-board generator, or RamBox.

On the other hand, the day showed how appealing lower trims like the Platinum can be. The i-Force Max is an excellent powerplant, with better transmission mapping than Ford’s hybrid setup. The Platinum isn’t exactly devoid of bling either, but it still looks ready for work, too. That’s an appealing combo to us.

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