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I’m looking to build either a platinum or 1794 but having problems with the options. Here is my first choice. Platinum 6.5 bed 4x4 with Advance package and tow mirrors. When picking 6.5 bed the site wont let me pick advance package. If I pick 5.5 bed it will let me pick advance package but wont let me add tow mirrors. If I choose 1794 with 6.5 bed I can choose advance package but not tow mirrors. I have seen both platinum and 1794 trucks with both advance package and tow mirros posted on YouTube. What is the deal with not letting me add tow mirror with the advance package? Also since my dealers are saying 4 to 6 month lead time I’m thinking about waiting and ordering a 2023. Does anyone know when you will be able to start or ding the 2023’s?
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