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1st Time Tundra owner (2023)

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I’m almost a month in to owning my first Tundra and I’m loving it. 2023 SR5 with the TRD Off road package and Softex interior. Not bad, lol. I think I should have gone with the TSS off road package as I like all the extra black accessories that come with it. I’m currently looking for the tailgate spoiler to slap on it if anyone has any insight (other than $2800 from the dealer).
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Hey @Marc’$_Yota congrats on getting your new Tundra and welcome to the forum! Are you thinking of adding any other mods/accessories to your truck other than the tailgate spoiler?
Congrats @Marc’$_Yota. Would love to see pics of your Tundra. Any likes/dislikes about it so far? Concerned about issues reported earlier?
Just put my deposit on my 2023.Limited 4x4 Tundra crew cab. Mesquite/Black softex
Should be here by the end of Jan. Mainly purchased for western hunts.
Looking for reccomendation on toppers, baskets, winches and bumpers.also looking at wheels and tires, hi jack, shovel and tire chains.
Any other must have add ons/ purchases? Best brands on any of the above would be helpful.
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