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1794 incoming; FJ Cruiser outgoing (Seattle-ish)

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Hi good people,

I'm awaiting delivery of a 1794 with TRD Offroad and 6.5' bed, in blueprint/cream leather, later this month. My family also runs a 2008 FJ Cruiser with 290k miles (but sadly, engine top end gave way, and the cost of reman engines is > the market for an FJ), and a 2007 Sequoia with 190k miles.

I put my first deposit down on Nov 4 with a local dealer and then getting on many others' lists, first waiting for a Limited, and then realizing I wanted both TRD Offroad and the panoramic sunroof, which aren't available together in the PNW. I added the 1794 to the possible list, and got a hit on this 1794 with a great local-ish dealer. They tell me that it's due in the next couple of weeks.

Ahh, and if anybody Seattle-ish wants an FJ Cruiser project (and can drop in an engine themselves), let me know.
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